About me

My story – how it all started.

A unique piece of furniture

Handmade solid wood tables without the use of modern power tools. Using only traditional joinery techniques and tools. My aim is to offer totally unique products and enduring quality.

Joinery Houně

Many years ago, I was looking for a dining room table to match my home. But I couldn’t find one, so I decided that one day I had to make one myself. By personal nature I keep things simple, sturdy and functioning for much longer than the necessary time. So it was clear that what I was going to produce had to meet these parameters as well.

I didn’t want to create anything resembling mass production. My intention was not to get perfect super precise machines and produce perfect products. On the contrary. The hand-working of the wood using classical methods gives the products unique characteristics that make each product an original.

Use of old wood beams

That’s a chapter in itself. With your eyes and your touch, you perceive time and you know that no one else in the world has the same looking piece of wood.

Unique deformations caused by the pressure of the trusses, traces of old carpenter’s axes or possible traces of an ancient visit of the worm-eater, it is impossible to describe in words.

Sharp start

A few days before my fortieth birthday, the decision was made – now or never – and I started to make these tables myself. The production and the gradual acquisition of new skills are still incredibly fun to this day.

There is nothing like coming up with something yourself from time to time, laughing at your previous attempts and moving on again – both in life and in carpentry.

Lukáš Hon

Customized production

Tables are produced on the basis of individual client requirements and demands. Since the entire table is handmade, there is almost nothing that cannot be agreed upon.