Houně tables

A picture tells you more than a thousand words. Seeing the table in person will leave an even greater impression.

Technical details

Oak wood

The tables are made of oak wood.

It can be brand new wood or very old wood.

Traditional procedures

All machining is done by hand only, no power tools.

The individual parts are only held in place by pins and splints and are thus fully disassembled.


Natural surface

The surface of the wood is treated with flax fermé.

Alternatively, other hard oils can be used to achieve the desired look.

Individual approach

Of course, the table is transported to the customer’s place, assembled and instructed in proper maintenance.

Dimensions, material and appearance may vary according to customer requirements.

Customized production

Tables are produced on the basis of individual client requirements and demands. Since the entire table is handmade, there is almost nothing that cannot be agreed upon.